Towards A Paradigm of Plenty: Evolving a Culture of Freedom, Global Ethics & Cooperative Justice.

Without the exploration of the inner life, the worldly journey is incomplete. Without the worldly expression of the inner virtues of love, compassion, empathy, creativity, & beauty in service to the collective, the spiritual journey is incomplete. When we unite the inner and outer, when the upper and lower are interwoven we heal ourselves and we heal our society. We create systems, structures, and cultures which reflect our highest values and which support our highest potential as individuals, and as a global family.  ~ Ayisha Aishwarya

The literal meaning of healing is “to make whole”. The paradox of the spiritual journey on Earth is this: we are at once already whole, while in the process of remembering our wholeness. We must become whole, or integrated, in a fully conscious way. To embark on the journey of embodied awakening, consciousness, integration, healing, or wholeness (sometimes called ascension) is to remember our Essential Nature, and to reenter the world from there. Through shedding our cultural conditioning, we reveal that which we innately are – Divine Love and Creative Life Force. Although we have the potential to enter peak states of knowing or illumination spontaneously, at any moment, sustained and embodied awakening and integration requires perspective, procedure, process, and practice.

In the call to embodied spiritual awakening, we begin to learn from challenging situations, sometimes referred to as “the initiations of life”. We experience pain, illness, trauma, emotional stagnation and dissociation, relationship or work crises, and/or a lack of flow, stifled creative expression, confusion of purpose and meaning, upheaval in the collective psyche. We must decide how we want to live.

In each moment we have a choice to devolve or to evolve, to regress or to progress, to sow seeds of suffering and negativity, or to sow seeds of love and liberation. 

Should we choose to listen to the yearnings of the soul, we can become more enlivened. Perceived from a higher perspective and with the correct tools, the challenges of life become opportunities for expansion, celebration, liberation, and creation. We learn to integrate the “fractured and fragmented parts” of ourselves and we choose to make the unconscious conscious. We en-lighten the darkness, we intentionally inhabit more of our potential, we access and cultivate unconditional joy, we become illumined from within, we remember our True Nature or Divine Essence and we reactivate that in human flesh.

The ancients from all traditions and cultures used meditation practices to help one re-experience one’s limitless nature, for we learn to know ourselves in an experiential way: a deep knowing rather than purely a thinking. These practices included cultivating the virtues, ethics training, techniques of mindfulness, loving kindness & compassion, contemplative methods, as well as energetic practices to transform one’s perceptions, one’s consciousness, and one’s reality.

In the modern world, inter-spiritual education and embodied integration is iterating it’s importance as we are faced with systemic and deep cultural issues stemming from fragmentation and a state of disconnection – disconnection from our own bodies, our own hearts and our true nature, disconnection from other beings, and disconnection from the earth. The problems of our times require us to seek wholism, sustainable fulfilment, to remember our interconnectedness and our interdependence. We are being called to heal ourselves, our relationships, our families, our communities and our exchanges with the Earth, our bountiful home.

What if we reexamined and remembered the wider meaning of wealth? What if we reframed our lives to restore and remember the natural wellspring of Life Force and Unconditional Love within us?  What if we deeply understood the Sacred Marriage of inner wealth and outer wealth, Spirit and Matter, Soul and Body?  What if we came to realise that revealing the intrinsic wealth within bestows extrinsic wealth without? What if we understood that when we make it a priority to grow in self awareness and transform ourselves, we diminish suffering for the collective and transform the world? What if we were to understand the true place of Divine Love in our lives, instead of it being a last resort, we made it a central point of reference? What if we reinstated mindfulness, compassion, connectedness, and joy as our default state of functioning? What if we remembered ourselves as living, breathing, walking, talking manifestations of Loving Presence? What if we learned to marry our Divinity and our Humanity to live a Divinely-Human life? What if we understood how to use our bodies, minds, and hearts to express our soul’s unique purpose in the world as compassionate acts of beauty, creative service, and Love in Action? What if we did this in a cooperative way? 

What if we realised our potential for Wealth through all Worlds?