Sound Healing Soul Signature Audio Recording

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Sound healing is a powerful and ancient form of vibrational healing which may be used to transmute old energy frequencies and consciousness, while unlocking doorways within you to higher truths, insights, and potential. Using unique training in reading and interpreting soul records and potential, Ayisha develops and composes a soul signature sound recording based on your unique soul blueprint individually tailored for you. This audio recording can be played as much as you like in your own time, helping you to heal, integrate, and upgrade your life with your soul’s intentions and creative gifts central to your growth. Sound works at deep (high) levels of consciousness, penetrating through your subtle bodies. Depending on where you are in your journey you will resonate and perceive the transformational forces within you differently, sometimes subliminally only. Please provide time of birth, date of birth, place of birth at time of request. May  for babies in waiting (pre-conception, pre and post natal), souls in transition (end of life), as well as other phases of life transformation such as mid-life transition and ascension symptom management.


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