Crystal Lyre

Clear Quartz Crystal Lyre

The Crystal Lyre evolved from the Crystal Harp™, both designed by Gaudry Normand™ and the result of more than 12 years of research, development and invention. The instrument, has a crystalline sound and unique timbre. The Crystal Lyre is a crystal singing instrument that can be classified as a member of various families of musical instruments, such as crystallophones, xylophones and vibraphones. The Crystal Lyre has eight pure quartz tubes (99.9% SiO2) mounted on a transparent acrylic base. Keys, strings and metal pins create the ideal angles to hold and suspend the tubes. It measures 20.5 inches high (52 cm) and weighs 4.4 pounds (two kilograms). It is permantly in tune, whatever the ambient climatic conditions.

Mine Cristal gives a one-year guarantee on this instrument.

Product Description

The Crystal Lyre™ is handmade, exclusively in Canada, in the Crystal Workshop™ at Mine Cristal, Bonsecours, Quebec.

This instrument is easy to play and appreciated by both beginners and professional musicians and sound healers. One can play the Crystal Lyre flat on a table, upright on its stand or held against ones’ chest with one hand. Try waltzing with the instrument or making back-and-forth movements; this produces amazing Doppler effects!

Each Crystal Lyre comes with two strikers, a custom stand and a padded carrying case (a US$200 value). The strikers are unique and made in a special material with a particular density. Each has a felt-covered round end. This design prevents unwanted noises when playing, and facilitates creating pure, crystalline, powerful and soft sounds. By simply tapping lightly on the tubes and by gliding the striker over several tubes, the musician can easily create a sustained synergy of sound, a “crystal symphony!”

The Crystal Lyre can be used in various contexts: for its acoustic quality, as a musical instrument, for sound healing & therapy and to facilitate meditative states.


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