Diamond Body Healing™ Spiritual Awakening, Soul Development, & Inner Wealth Mentoring Session

This is a hybrid session of spiritual mentoring and healing in a safe environment to assist you in your journey towards self knowledge, self healing, & self mastery. Areas of focus may include physical body health and vitality, healing trauma & illness, intellectual & mental mastery, emotional mastery, intergenerational healing, karmic & soul mastery, relationship mastery, vocational development & creative purpose.

Session Instructions 2017

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A$333 (80 mins); A$444 (100 mins) BOOK NOW


 Diamond Body Healing™ Awakening Communication, Sacred Partnership, & Relationship Wealth Session 

This is a hybrid session of spiritual mentoring and healing in a safe environment for consenting soul mates/partners/parent-child/siblings/friends/colleagues to assist you in in your journey towards relationship mastery: your capacity to create a mutually loving and supportive relationship where both parties can be seen, heard, appreciated, and valued. Experientially realise a supportive environment for both/all parties to flourish into their highest spiritual and creative potential. Same sex and transgender relationships welcome.

Session Instructions 2017

Client Information (One for each participant please.)

A$333 (80 mins) A$444 (100 mins) BOOK NOW


  Diamond Body Healing™ Awakening Vocation, Sacred Purpose, & Creative Wealth Session

This is a personalised mini-workshop – a hybrid of mentoring, healing, and experiential exercises – to assist you in your journey towards fulfilling your spiritual and creative potential and purpose in the world.

Session Instructions 2017

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A$444 (80 mins); A$555 (120 mins); A$777 (180 mins) BOOK NOW


 Diamond Body Healing™ Cosmic Journeying Session (In person only; must be 21 years of age or over)

This is a guided process where you are safely supported into expanded states of consciousness. This is a facilitated experiential process to de-condition limiting subconscious programs, patterns, and paradigms and to assist in unlocking and activating superconscious awareness, soul embodiment, and multidimensional mastery. (May include inter-temporal, inter-dimensional, inter-galactic experience.)

Session Instructions, Cosmic Journeying

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A$444 (100 mins) BOOK NOW


Diamond Body Healing™ Advanced Spiritual Awakening, Soul Development, & Inner Wealth Mentoring Session

This is a hybrid session of spiritual mentoring and healing in a safe environment to assist you in your understanding and integration of higher spiritual experiences and insights. Areas of focus may include practitioner mentoring and supervision, kundalini stabilisation, light-body/merkabah activation and stabilisation, ascension symptom management, individual and collective soul agreements, pre birth agreements, inter-dimensional inter-temporal and inter-galactic experiences, starseed awakening and creative purpose, channelled guidance, and twin soul/flame experiences.

Session Instructions 2017

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A $333 (80 mins) A$444 (100 mins) BOOK NOW


 Diamond Body Healing™ Creative Wealth, Spiritual Values, & Planetary Ethics Session

During this session you will be assisted to approach your vocation  from the point of view of planetary ethics and universal spiritual values. You will be led to understand how your output in the public arena is an extension of your state of internal mastery and correlated to your investment in the private arena.  You will then be safely supported to access higher guidance, wider vision, and wholistic principles and practices to exponentially amplify your creative potential and wealth. You will learn to promote the most positive and healing impact for yourself and for the collective at large over the short and longer term. You will bring awareness to and learn how to circumvent or alleviate any subconscious repetition of pain or trauma, structural biases and negative future consequences your choices may otherwise incur though a limited lens not only for others but for yourself and your ancestral lineage. Examples include television and film scripts and production, music projects, artistic projects, social enterprises, activist projects, angel investments, and humanitarian, environmental, and philanthropic ventures.

Price and time by negotiation. Please contact us for further information.


 Diamond Body Healing™ Soul Signature Sound Session mp3 Recording (Distance Only) 

Sound healing is an eternal and powerful form of vibrational healing used in all esoteric traditions: sound waves and frequencies are used to transmute and transfigure one’s consciousness. (If your mind has trouble believing this consider how an ultra sound machine works to assist in healing physical tissue through sonar vibration waves or how you feel after hearing your favourite hymn, chant or song.) This audio meditation can be played as much as you like in your own time, helping you to heal, integrate, and upgrade your life in alignment with your soul’s intentions and creative gifts central to your evolutionary trajectory. Sound harmonics work at deep (high) levels of consciousness penetrating through your subtle bodies, balancing and transforming your energy field though the principles of entrainment and resonance. Depending on where you are in your life’s path you will perceive the gentle catalysing forces within you differently, perhaps only subliminally. The intentional use of sound is helpful in healing subconscious trauma and unlocking doorways within you to higher truths, insights, and superconscious potential. Using unique training in reading and interpreting soul records and potential, a soul signature sound recording is composed based on your unique soul blueprint individually developed for you.

Please provide time of birth, date of birth, place of birth at time of request.
Suitable for the management of acute or chronic stress, pain, trauma, central nervous system dysregulation, sleep disorders, ascension and light body symptom management, souls in waiting (pre-conception), babies (pre and post natal -particularly crystal and rainbow babies), souls in transition (end of life), other phases of life transformation such as mid-life transition, Saturn Return. (Please allow 2 -3 weeks for electronic delivery.)



  Follow Up Consultations (In person or Skype): Short A$111 (20 mins); Long A$222 (40 mins); For Longer appointments please schedule one of the offerings above. First consultation for mentoring/healing must be 80 mins or more. Ongoing mentorship by interview & negotiation only.



All sessions are based on an integrated model of care: our soul’s journey is towards healing, wholeness, and liberation. We can choose to awaken to our soul’s purpose and passions – to live and embody the sacred marriage of inner wealth and outer wealth. Ayisha has over 30 years of training, research, and experience in meditation, spiritual healing, higher awareness, and soul potentiation.

All Diamond Body Healing™ sessions work within an paradigm of interconnectedness – on the physical, emotional, mental, and soul bodies through the human energy field (subtle body) in relationship with our social, cultural and ecological environment. All treatments utilise energy transmission, transfer, and transmutation to catalyse transformation and to assist you towards self healing, self mastery, soul realisation, and spiritual fulfilment in all aspects of your life.

All sessions are tailored to individual client(s) intention, level, and requirements.

Please note: Spiritual healing, mentoring, and training works best in conjunction with conventional care. It is NOT a substitute for mainstream medical, psychotherapeutic, legal, or financial advice. Your safety and well-being are our primary concern. We reserve the right to refuse applications for healing and teaching. With your permission we are happy to coordinate care with your other care providers.


Please peruse our Recommended Media before making a personal booking as sessions are most effective for those highly motivated individuals and couples committed to self mastery, embodied ascension, and those passionate about being of service to the Whole.

Sessions are NOT for beginning spiritual practitioners and NOT for those:

1. looking to use pseudo-spiritual teachings cloaked in jargon to bypass or avoid reality, truth, accountability, deep intimacy with other humans

2. looking to project or transfer fears, pain, fantasies, accountability onto someone outside of yourself

3. looking to perpetuate emotional, spiritual, and ethical irresponsibility with unhealthy boundaries

4. looking to ride on the coattails of others without contribution, generosity, or gratitude

5. with active addictions [Please be addiction free for a minimum period of 6 months before applying for a healing/mentoring session.]


for national and international enquiries please contact us.