A philosophy of regenerative wealth is central to our work: We are creating A Whole Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts. We employ Cathedral and Systems thinking rather than Short Termism or Reductionism, investing in eternal resources and immortal forms of wealth. We believe that objects crafted with love, attention, and sacred intentionality are pieces which appreciate in value. All of our objects, jewellery, art & instruments are made using ethical labour, and/or sourced with a 100% ethical supply chain. We have a Reuse-Regift-Repurpose-Recycle Policy on most of our statues, crystals, original art, and jewellery. Many of our pieces are uniquely made to order. If you would like us to source something similar to what you see here or you have a specific custom or commission request, please get in touch and we will do out best to offer you what you are looking for through our international network of artisans.

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