A regenerative philosophy is central to our work: We believe in creating A Whole Which Is Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts. All of our objects, jewellery, art & instruments are made using ethical labour, and/or sourced with a 100% ethical supply chain. We have a Reuse-Regift-Repurpose-Recycle Policy on all our statues, crystals, and jewellery. If you would like us to source a product similar to what you see here or otherwise, please get in touch and we will do out best to find you what you are looking for through our international network of artisans and craftspeople.

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VitaJuwel, based in the German Alps, has been a family-run business since 2007. They take pride in designing unique, lead-free premium glass vials made by master craftspeople following century-old Bohemian traditions. A key component of these vials are precious, hand-selected and fairly-traded gems from sacred places on the earth. People all over the world have made it their daily practice to drink gem water treated with VitaJuwel Vials. Each VitaJuwel Vial is an original piece of art that enhances any décor making them a stylish addition to any health conscious household – a perfect gift for someone you love! You’ll want to drink more fresh and healthy water!