All of our projects are designed to put purpose, passion, people, planet, and process before profit.

We employ the principles of spiritual activism and sacred alchemy. We are humbled to stand on the shoulders of great spiritual activists who walked before us inspiring new templates for freedom, inclusion, understanding, creative expression and restorative justice.

We are working to advocate for regenerative environmental practices and support cruelty free projects with respect to conflict free crystal and gemstone supply, skincare and make-up, as well as organic or biodynamic farming. We advocate for carbon biosequestration, renewable, clean, and free energy as well as bimimicry, sustainability and food security.

We are committed to the freedom, rehabilitation, and education of children who are violated through all forms of abuse and neglect including family violence, human trafficking, prostitution, slavery, child soldiers, and genocide.

We are passionate about supporting the empowerment and rights of all minority groups including women, children, refugees & displaced persons, and First Nations peoples around the world.



If you would like to contribute financially, or in kind please use:

  • Paypal to contribute one time donations
  • Patreon to contribute monthly
  • Direct Transfer to our Company Account. This avoids commission on large donations. Contact us for details.
  • Contact Us  to partner with us on our projects which include multimedia production and virtual assisting. We are looking for technically and artistically refined illustrators, designers, editors, cinematographers to collaborate with on our projects (there are many!). Please ensure you are a good communicator as long term relationship is important to us. Volunteer or paid work are both available.