Diamond Body is a global initiative dedicated to the evolution of consciousness through the integration of spiritual awakening, soul embodiment, and compassionate, creative, cooperative action: Wealth Through All Worlds.

The Diamond Body is referred to through all esoteric traditions as the ultimate realisation of human spiritual potential and creative purpose. Translated from Vajra Deha in Sanskrit and referred to in Taoism, Vajrayana Buddhism, and Tantra philosophy it may also be named as Rainbow BodyLight Body, or the Body of Bliss in other schools from the East. Taught also by the Western mystics: as Soma Anthanaton – The Immortal Body in the Hermetic and Alchemical traditions, or Wujud Al-Aqdas – the Most Sacred Body, and Ism Assail Haqiqi – True and Genuine Body translated from Arabic in the Sufi lineages. At this level of refined consciousness, the human being becomes not only master of his/her inner domain but has mastery over his/her outer domain, an adept, moving fluidly between the invisible and visible realms, in tune with Divine Will and on beat with the Cosmic Dance between Worlds. The being is, at once, liberated from all human constructs and deeply aware of the immaterial realms – the formless worlds – while immersed in his/her humanity and fully engaged in the material realms – the world of form – in order to advance culture and evolve Life itself. The Vajra, or Diamond, has multilayered symbology painting a rich picture of the rigorous and arduous transformative process of spiritual development and soul evolution. Though time, space, and experience the blackness of the carbon is literally and figuratively transfigured into the indestructible Diamond of Eternal Truth, shaped, polished, able to reflect with supreme clarity and brilliance the Limitless Light.

At Diamond Body we uphold a paradigm of Unity through Plurality, Interspirituality, or the Perennial Philosophy. We honour the mystical heart of all faiths, wisdom traditions, and cultures. Your unique path to self actualisation and your right to the full expression of your freedom as a sovereign being is deeply respected and valued.

Diamond Body upholds universal principles of truth, freedom and planetary ethics. We are committed to social justiceclimate justice, and global health. We honour, respect and value the rights of all living beings, including the Earth and all of her inhabitants.

Diamond Body HealingTM  a modality for multidimensional mastery which assists one to embody one’s highest internal potential in the context of one’s external environment including relationship, society, culture, and our Earth home. It imparts a wholistic methodology to align and integrate the body, brain, heart and soul with one’s highest spiritual potential. We are committed to the sacred marriage of spirit and matter. We offer public talks, group seminars, private sessions, retreats, voyages, and pilgrimages.

Diamond Body Media is the multimedia portal of Diamond Body. We publish original written, audio and visual resources to assist in the awakening, illumination, healing, and ethical progression of human consciousness and culture. We also produce, edit, and curate material from other authors and publishers.

Diamond Body Trading is the marketplace arm of Diamond Body. We endorse ethical labour, sustainable and cruelty free sourcing  and production of our sacred objects, art, and jewellery from around the world. We work with local artisans trained in the sacred arts of alchemical transformation, healing, and creative expression. We are passionate about creating stable partnerships based on shared vision.

Diamond Body Giving  is the philanthropic and spiritual activism arm of Diamond Body. All of our projects are designed to put people, planet, purpose, and process before profit. We employ the principles of spiritual activism and stand on the shoulders of great spiritual activists who walked before us inspiring freedom, truth, inclusion, creative expression, and restorative justice.

Diamond Body Collective is a global network of individuals and organisations dedicated to the evolution of human consciousness and culture. We are committed to the application of the Highest principles and purpose into daily acts of compassionate and cooperative world service.