Diamond Body is a global initiative dedicated to the evolution of consciousness through the integrated path of embodied spiritual awakening and compassionate, creative, cooperative action (our philosophy).

Diamond Body upholds a paradigm of Unity, Interspirituality, or the Perennial Philosophy. We honour the mystical heart of all faiths, traditions, and cultures. Your unique path to self mastery and the full expression of your freedom as a sovereign being is deeply respected and valued.

Diamond Body upholds universal principles of freedom and global ethics. We are committed to social justiceclimate justice, and global health. We honour, value and respect the rights of all living beings, including the earth and all of her inhabitants.

Diamond Body Healing engages an integrated approach to realign the body, mind, heart, and soul with one’s highest spiritual potential. We are committed to the sacred marriage of spirit and matter. We offer seminars, private sessions, and retreats and pilgrimages.

Diamond Body Media is the multimedia portal of Diamond Body. We are committed to providing books, audio and visual material to assist in the awakening, illumination, healing, and ethical progression of human consciousness and culture.

Diamond Body Trading is the marketplace arm of Diamond Body. We are committed to ethical and sustainable sourcing of sacred objects, art, and jewellery from around the world. We work with local artisans trained in the sacred arts of alchemical transformation, healing, and creative expression. We endorse ethical labour and cruelty free sourcing and production of all our objects.

Diamond Body Giving  is the philanthropic arm of Diamond Body. All of our projects are designed to put people, planet, purpose, and process before profit. Ethical and regenerative practices are employed. We are working to advocate for and to support cruelty free environmental projects including ethical and conflict free crystal and gemstone supply; cruelty free organic skincare and conflict free make-up production; organic farming, carbon biosequestration and food security; biomimicry; renewable, clean, and free energy. We are committed to the freedom, rehabilitation, and education of children who are victims of trafficking and prostitution, slavery, and all forms of violence, including family violence, war, and genocide. We are passionate about supporting the empowerment and rights of all minority groups including women, children, refugees and displaced persons, and First Nations peoples around the world.

Diamond Body Collective is a global network of individuals and organisations dedicated to the evolution of human consciousness and culture. We are committed to the application of higher principles and purpose into daily acts of compassionate and cooperative world service.